What is Art Therapy

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Art Therapy can be a beneficial expressive therapy that can help people to develop better mental, physical, and emotional health. The process of art therapy involves expressing ourselves using art while the art therapist helps us deal with stress, behaviors, and feeling. One does not have to be a pro artist to take part in an art therapy session. The art is only used as a medium to identify the problematic areas stressing the brain and help in the healing process. Art therapy can create new possibilities for people to heal themselves. It is an effective therapy used in rehabilitation centers and psychotherapy. The therapists like to address art therapy as an inner massage that providers a better understanding of the person.

Who can use art therapy

Art therapy is meant for everyone who wants to communicate their issues and express themselves in other ways than talking. While other therapy sessions require a person to use words and language to express themselves, art therapy only uses their imagination to find out the issues bothering them. Many people find it hard to use appropriate words to depict their problems accurately. Art therapy can be the best for them as they can communicate with their therapist better. One can use any form of art to express their feelings. There are different types of art therapies that use more traditional forms of art, like painting, photography, sculpting, sketching, etc.

Role of an art therapist

Art therapists have to study both psychology and human development and get training in therapy and art. There are various certifications a person can receive to become a professional art therapist. It is not easy to acquire certificates for assessing another person’s art and treating serious illnesses. It involves learning the process of understanding nonverbal symbols and metaphors that are only expressed through art and similar creative process. Art therapists can help people of all ages, sex, and creed. They can also help families, couples, and groups of people in solving disputes and relationship problems with the help of art therapy.


Why should you go for art therapy

Art therapy is not complicated at all and is not necessarily meant for people who have emotional stress. It is generally used as a treatment to improve one’s mood and emotional state with the help of what they create themselves. Expressive arts therapy can help you release daily stress or something unimportant that is still bothering you. Art can also be used as an effective tool for self-discovery.

Should you be an artist


No! Art therapy does not mean it is meant for professional artists. In fact, anyone who can draw lines is a perfect candidate for art therapies. Express your inner-self using the art of some kind. It may seem like a new experience for the first-timers, but it becomes a hobby of self-discovery with time.