How to Sell Art Online

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When you want to sell an art piece online, you must make sure that you choose the right platform for yourself to be your desired audience. Marketing and selling your art to collectors will take a lot of time and effort. One thing you must accept is that selling your art can take months and years of work. While you work on your art pieces, you must make sure that you are building an audience online, so whenever you post art for sale, you at least gather some viewers, if not the buyers. In order to market and sell your art properly, here are some expert tips that will help.

Setup your profile

Most artists choose to have their own websites to showcase their work. If you do not have a website of your own, make sure to create a good profile on some of the art platforms like ArtPal, Etsy, and even eBay. Having multiple accounts can help you direct your traffic from different platforms to your main account or website. Keep one platform as your main, so people do not get confused when they look to buy your art.

Work full time

The initial stage for an artist is to hustle and sell their art. They need to break out of their social disconnect and share their work consistently in different artist communities. Find ways to give more time to your art while you can support yourself financially. Many artists leave their full-time job to work on art and soon face financial problems. If your work timings are affecting your projects, look for another job but stick around.

Work full time

What to sell

When you create an original art piece, you can sell it at a higher price as it will be a unique piece. On the other side, when you sell a reproduction, the prices will go down, but you will be able to sell more copies. You can also sell limited edition art pieces or give our digital works for a small amount. Know what you will be selling in how many quantities and decide the price accordingly.

Approach art galleries

When you feel you have enough content to approach an online art gallery, you can submit your work to get approved by them to showcase your artwork. Galleries with Banno Lighting Can Provide the Right type of exposure that artists can aspire to. Find a gallery that can provide the right platform for your art. Also, consider your budget to put an exhibition on an online gallery based on the perks they provide at their price.

Stay positive

While you are at it, you need to maintain a calm head and focus on your work. Success will eventually be at your doorstep. Several artists quit their passion for starting supporting their families. Hustle is the hard part of your career as an artist. It is important to overcome obstacles that seem impossible, and it is important to celebrate successes no matter how small. Every comment on your social media platform and every sale you make should make you equally happy.