Wall Art

How to Arrange Wall Art

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Wall art can be the masterpiece of your living space, no matter where you put it up. While some prefer to put their best wall art in a position where the guests can see it as soon as they enter the house, others prefer to keep it in their hall, dining, or bedroom, enriching the environment. There are several ways you can arrange wall art around your house. Here are some expert tips to help you get the best ideas.

The right height

When you want to keep the artwork in your living room, the experts suggest that the image should be at eye level. When people sit down on a sofa, they should be able to see the artwork clearly without facing any discomfort. Keeping the artwork at eye-level provides the best view to look at an artwork. It should be hung a little lower for people to admire it when they are seated on the sofa.

In symmetry

If you have multiple art pieces, make sure that all are arranged in symmetry, such as a pair or spread across equally. Small art pieces hung together to create a bigger geometrical shape is a good idea. Use identical frames to create a unified look. Keep the spacing between the pictures narrow, so they can together look like a single project.


A focal point

You can also create a randomly arranged wall art layout with all types of pieces arranged in random order around each other. The idea of the theme is to make things appear random while they still have a focal point from where they spread out over the wall. You can start with the most prominent piece in the center and slowly work with smaller pieces outwards.

Stagger a display

You can also create a shelf for the wall art and keep all the pieces together in no particular arrangement. This is a rare preference but can still look good in bedrooms and study rooms. Take all the artwork and photographs and use a narrow shelf to place them together like an art exhibition. The frames can overlap each other as long as the biggest frames are at the back and the bigger frames are in the front.

Try three in a row

Experts suggest that a combination of three frames in a row can be a good idea to provide a natural pattern. The odd number groupings look better and continuous as compared to a pair of frames. Installing art gallery lighting on the three art pieces can make it look more effective. It not only makes the beholder notice the odd number on a beautifully decorated wall but also brings them closer to the art pieces due to the illumination.